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We help you improve and enhance the look of your mouth, teeth and overall smile — bringing back your confidence and happiness.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure and Process

Step 1: Come and meet us

Visit our dental office to get your first consultation. You will spend some time talking to Dr. Peterson or Dr. Tran. Our clinic is located in South Coast Plaza, 3620 S. Bristol Street, Suite 302, Santa Ana, CA 92704.

Step 2: Suitability Assessment

We will check both your teeth and gums to assess if cosmetic dentistry is the right dental treatment for you.

If you pass the assessment, and you agree with our consultation, the next step is to undergo a computerized 3D CT scan. The scan result will help us see under the surface, and to confirm if you are definitely suitable for cosmetic dentistry.

If the assessment confirms you are not suitable, and we feel this treatment is not right for you, we’ll discuss alternative dental treatment.

Step 3: Treatment Planning

If we all agree to go ahead with the treatment, we will carefully plan a detailed plan for you. You will also confirm the cost of the procedure. We guarantee that our prices are fixed, all-inclusive and no hidden charges whatsoever.

Step 4: Schedule Treatment Day

Once you give the go signal, we will schedule your treatment date. Prior to your surgery, we will regularly contact you for updates.

To fully prepare for your surgery, we run a virtual surgery procedure so we can plan your treatment in detail. When required, we also make a 3D printed model of your jaw.

Step 5: Treatment Day!

On this day, we begin your dental surgery.

For a painless and comfortable treatment, you have the option to choose sedation during the procedure.

You can also bring someone to give you moral support — most of our patients do. Don’t worry, we will care for them like they are one of our patients.

Step 6: Follow up

After your surgery, we will give you a scheduled follow up date so we can check and ensure that your new tooth or teeth are a perfect fit.

Step 7: Maintenance

We recommend that you come to our office and see Dr. Peterson or Dr. Tran to maintain the best possible condition of your implants. If you live outside Santa Ana, we can also give you detailed maintenance instructions to provide to your dentist.

Meet Your Dentists

World-class and friendly dental team led by Dr. Jerome Peterson and Dr. Jimmy Tran, who are both experts in cosmetic dentistry.

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Dr. Jerome N. Peterson, DDS

Dr. Peterson has dedicated his professional career to the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of general dentist patients, with over 40 years practicing Cosmetic Dentistry and Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction.

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Dr. Jimmy Tran, DMD

Dr. Tran has practiced in Southern California for seven years. He has special training in Dental Implants, Sleep Apnea Therapy, Air Way Development, Orthodontics and IV Sedation.

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Dr. Peterson and staff Se Habla Espanol, and Dr. Tran speaks Vietnamese.


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